Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Secrets Collection – Omni Edition Now Available on Kindle

Includes Books 1 – 3 PLUS 2 short stories exclusive to the collection!

***Special Introductory Pricing ends January 5, 2013.***
Only 99 cents!

***Enjoy the first three My Secrets novelettes in one volume, with two special bonus short stories exclusive to this omni edition!***

*From the Secret Lives of Housewives series*

~My Secrets Discovered (Book One)
Jen Hauser loves her accountant husband, Mark, but after twenty years of marriage, she finds their sex life about as exciting as one of his spreadsheets. Things start to heat up after she discovers Secrets, an adult entertainment store, and a mentor who helps her devise a plan to seduce Mark.

Jen decides to risk everything to find out if her marriage is over, or just on ice.

~My Secrets Revealed (Book Two)
Jen and Mark Hauser enjoy an exhilarating evening and a wild morning-after, performing sexual acts neither thought they’d ever do. The fun continues when the couple returns to Secrets, seeking to increase their pleasure.

What they find, in addition to enhancement devices and sexy garments, is that there are certain lines that are not easily crossed, even between husband and wife.

~My Secrets Shared (Book Three)
Jen and Mark Hauser want to share the secrets to their success in reviving their love life. They host a “fuckerware” party with the owners of Secrets in their home and invite their closest friends. No one expected the evening’s demonstration to lead to hands-on experimentation in real time.

When Jen’s newly awakened sensuality ignites into sexual desires she never before experienced, she seeks fulfillment with partners she never would have thought possible.

~Brenda and Ron (Bonus short story)
After the party, Ron Corbin convinces his wife, Brenda (a BBW), to walk home naked under her new see-through nightgown. The couple risk being discovered by their neighbors in some compromising positions several times during their walk.

~Amy and Jake (Bonus short story)
Amy and Jake Bolton leave the party to play dress-up at home. New outfits and sex toys help set the stage for their best performances ever and a night they won’t soon forget.

WARNING: This erotic romance collection contains GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, SEX, AND ADULT SITUATIONS. For 18+ only!

What early readers are saying:
“I think you may have the Woodstock generation’s version of the 50 Shades trilogy here.”
“Definitely got a rise in my Levi’s.”

Coming to the Secret Lives of Housewives series in January 2014!'
Now Available!
My Secrets Bared (Book 4)
My Secrets Exposed (Book 5)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

Like many secrets, mine began innocently.
I was rather surprised to find a store like Secrets as I drove through Sunny Harbor, a sleepy South Florida neighborhood of retirees. Yet I found myself drawn into the small shopping plaza toward Secrets’ seductively lit storefront display.

I entered the shop and was immediately dismayed to find a man behind the counter. I would have felt far more comfortable with a woman. The front of the store was filled with intimate garments, but I’d never seen lingerie like this before. It made Victoria’s Secret look like a Sears catalog as far as being interesting or racy.

Most of the clothes at Secrets were made of either leather or completely sheer fabric, and covered with studs or rhinestones. The garments were designed with openings conveniently located anywhere you might want a part of your body exposed. In fact, you wouldn’t have to remove a single item of clothing to complete any bodily function while wearing one of these outfits.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

My Secrets Collection Cover Reveal

Cover reveal! Collection release scheduled for next week...just in time for Christmas

Includes Books 1–3 PLUS 2 short stories exclusive to the Collection!

My Secrets Discovered, My Secrets Revealed, My Secrets Shared
Two New Short Stories