Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Double the Fun

Free books are a great way to discover a new author or new series, so I have two special F.R.E.E. offers for my new and long-time readers. These two books, both first in a series, are a bit of family affair. Be sure to read the descriptions below! 

My Secrets Discovered is now Free at all retailers. Every day. 

Jen Hauser loves her accountant husband, Mark, but after twenty years of marriage, she finds their sex life about as exciting as one of his spreadsheets. Things start to heat up after she discovers Secrets, an adult entertainment store in a quiet suburban shopping plaza.

So begins the remarkable transformation of an average American housewife...and her husband...and their neighbors, and...

Download your free copy at the following retailers:

Club Secrets is Free for a limited time: Today–March 21 at Amazon only.

Home on a break between graduating college and starting medical school, David Hauser absently turns on the old computer in his bedroom to find a screen filled with photos of beautiful, naked women. He comes across his mom's friend and their neighbor, Andrea Whitney, who he's had a wild crush on ever since he was 15. In the chat room on the site, David discovers that Andrea is on her to way to a place called Club Secrets.

As David heads out to meet her, he has no idea how many secrets will be unraveled that evening...

Download your free copy at Amazon:


Friday, March 13, 2015

Amazon Gift Card Smutty Giveaway

$800 in Amazon Gift Cards Smutty Giveaway!!  

I've joined with a host of other erotica writers in a $800 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. Now you can receive special offers from smut and romantic erotica writers to your heart's content. See the Smutty Giveaway Rafflecopter below and enter to win one of 43 Gift Cards being given away as prizes. (1-$1oo 2-$50 20-$20 20-$10)

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