Thursday, October 2, 2014

Club Secrets USA Series Launch and Preview

I'm super excited! Layla has just released all three books in the Club Secrets USA series: CLUB SECRETS, CLUB MIAMI, and CLUB MANHATTAN.

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These books feature hunky David Hauser, son of Mark and Jen from the My Secrets series. David gets an unusual initiation into the lifestyle with some surprising consequences.

The books are as hot as the South Florida and New York settings. (Sizzle, sizzle!)

Books 1 and 2 end on a bit of cliffhanger, similar to the chapter excerpt below, which is why I'm releasing them all at once—so no throwing tomatoes, it's all wrapped up in Book 3!

I love my readers and appreciate your loyalty and feedback. Keep reading for the first chapter in Club Secrets (book 1). Let me know in the comments below what you think!

Chapter 1 from Club Secrets (Club Secrets USA book 1)

David Hauser got a pleasant surprise when he booted up the computer in his bedroom. He was about thirty minutes into his short stay at home between graduating college and starting med school, and already he was restless. He could have unpacked his laptop or gone online via his phone, but the clunky old machine was within arm's reach, so he took a chance.

When the screen went live, it opened with a window full of images of hot, naked women in suggestive poses. As David clicked on the photos, profiles opened up on a website. Hot damn, this baby's still hooked up to the Internet, and someone has connected to a porn site!
Had his father been using this computer on the sly? Not likely. He'd use the one in his home office, which was much more private. Besides, his mom was sure to see it here, since she was the one who still used this computer occasionally.

Although she had gotten a new laptop a couple of years ago, David knew she came into his bedroom to check email occasionally. More than once, she had invaded his privacy at the most inopportune times during his home visits.

He wasn't sure who had bookmarked the page and left the window open on his computer, but he was grateful. This was not just some site to look at naked women. These babes were asking to get fucked. Their profiles spelled out exactly what they wanted, and David felt his cock swell in his jeans as he flicked through the photographs and read the accompanying copy.

He was searching for a link that would tell him where the women were located when something else caught his eye. One of these hotties looked familiar. He enlarged the image on the screen. Wasn't that Andrea Whitney, the single mom who lived down the street? 
David sat back in the desk chair and brought up her profile. The description matched what he knew about his neighbor. Divorced, thirty-four, a graphic designer, two children, living in South Florida. David enlarged the photo again and recognized a small tattoo on her upper arm. Holy crap, it was her!
During one of his visits home, his parents had a neighborhood gathering in their backyard, and he remembered Andrea playing in the pool with her kids. David recalled having to wrap a towel around his waist to cover the erection that sprung into place as he watched her boobs bouncing up and down while she frolicked with the children.
A few years before that, he babysat for her son. To the fifteen-year-old David, Andrea was the epitome of womanly perfection, and he had a wild crush on her. She starred in more than a few of his wet dreams. Once he turned sixteen and had a car, he was able to turn his dreams into reality with high-school girls, but he never entirely got over his hots for Andrea. 
David clicked away on the site, trying to find out how to make contact, but a window popped up that said his session had expired. Finally, he found a page that asked him to log in or become a member, and he wasted no time pulling out his credit card. 
He tried to input his information, but the damned computer was slow as slugs. David got up to get his laptop and close the bedroom door. He sat down on his bed and navigated back to the website, leaving the old desktop computer monitor on so he could look at Andrea's photos while he completed his membership application on the faster computer.

It was hard to concentrate on the task with her naked image right in his face. Andrea was a shapely blonde with huge natural breasts, curvy hips, and long legs. In her profile photo, she was posing nude, sitting upright in the center of a bed draped in red silk. The positioning revealed little detail, but was suggestive as hell.

She sat with her right leg flat on the bed, bent at the knee with her foot facing backward, almost tucked under her butt. Her left leg was crossed over the right, knee bent up. She leaned into the camera, her arms draped loosely over her upright knee, obscuring the view of her chest. Although her nipples remained hidden, the cleavage formed by her arms pressing in and pushing her breasts together was impressive.

David felt a driving urge to see the hidden areas behind her crossed arms and legs. He forced his eyes back to the laptop and quickly completed the registration, which was required to see more photos and get contact information. 
Yeah! Now we're getting somewhere. David eagerly opened Andrea's gallery of nude portraits. In the first set of photos, Andrea posed to show her assets front and back. She was gorgeous from every angle, and the photos omitted nothing. 
As he flipped through the images, he felt his cock straining against his pants, begging to be let out and stroked. By the time he viewed the second group—a discreet set of images that showed her pleasuring herself, focusing more on her facial expression than her lower extremities—he had pulled out his swollen cock and was pumping away, trying to relieve the surge of desire that flooded his genitals. God, he wanted to be where her fingers were.  
The third and final gallery showcased close-up photos of Andrea. David lingered over the detailed shots of her pussy. The delicate layers of her velvety smooth red and pink folds, moist with her juices, were more beautiful than the flowers in any rose garden he had ever seen. If he could have rammed his cock through his computer screen and into her dripping cunt, he'd have done it.

Desperate to sate the fire blasting through his dick, he took his second b est option. He leaned back against the pillows on the bed, closed his eyes, and worked his erection with gusto. He felt the contractions in his balls and heat shooting up his shaft. As a mega-sized flood of cum shot through the air, creating a pool of oozing fluid on the bed, the door opened and his mother stepped in.
Their eyes met briefly, and then both sets of eyes gravitated to the huge, dark wet spot spreading across the light blue blanket.
# # #

Have you read the MY SECRETS books yet? It's not necessary to enjoy the new series, but you might want to since CLUB SECRETS is the sequel to the Secret Lives of Housewives series. Learn more about Layla's books on:


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