Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boomer Lit Friday – April 26

This will be my last Boomer Lit Friday excerpt for a while. I'm concentrating on finishing the second book in this series and an exciting new project that I'm going to reveal soon. But for now, this week's excerpt is from THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX, the story of best friends Leah Gold and Roxanne Stein, two boomer women trying to break free of the “happily ever after” fairy tale myth of their childhoods.

We're joining Leah and Roxie mid-conversation in Chapter 6.

Roxie paused, like she was deciding what to say next. “Look, I have to say this,” she finally blurted out. “I’m sorry you have a broken heart. But I am happy you’re not moving, and I’m especially happy that’s over between you and 3D.”

“Please don’t start. I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about him at all.”

Roxie squinted her eyes. “Let me just say this about Douglas D. Dowling. A man who cheats on his wife with you is going to cheat on you with someone else one day. He probably already has.”

“Rox, we’ve been through this before. He didn’t do that to me.”

“Oh really? And what do you think he did on those long trips to Paris, London, and Athens?”

“It’s different. Doug loves me.”

“Love, schmuv, Leah. Men were given two working body parts—a brain and a dick. Unfortunately, they can’t use both at the same time.”

“Roxie, you don’t understand. Doug’s not like that.”

“Leah, you read too many romance novels. It just so happens, all men are like that—go ahead and ask one. They don’t even think there’s anything wrong with that scenario.”

Leah stared at her friend. Was there a grain of truth in Roxie’s crude words? She shook her head. “Look, I can’t think about this now.”

Once again, Leah puts off 'til tomorrow what she doesn't want to think about today. Does she ever wise up? Find out...
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Boomer Lit Friday - April 5

Today's "excerpt" marks a departure from the usual format of Boomer Lit Friday posts. Elyse & I are pleased to tell you that THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX has been selected as as the featured read for the Weekly BookClub Webinar with Angela Harris tomorrow, Saturday, April 6 at 2:30pm ET.

So, instead of the usual short snippet from the book, a special three-chapter excerpt from THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX has been created and is available for download here. Please join Angie Harris at the BookClub Webinar for a fun interview with Elyse & me and an opportunity to ask us questions! At 2:30pm ET on Saturday, you can join the webinar online or call 213-416-1560 to participate by phone (may incur long distance charges).

You can still enjoy the usual round of fun reading from other boomer lit authors at Boomer Lit Friday.

(Please note time for the event has been corrected. The webinar begins at 2:30pm ET.)