Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girls Night Out

I took a break from the editing of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX to write this 700-word short story, inspired by a photo of three girls sitting at a bar. The two on the ends were laughing, but the center gal, though smiling, seemed to be lost in thought, possibly remembering a pleasant experience. The photo and story will appear in a photography coffee table book being published by a friend. I can't provide the photograph here, but I think you can enjoy the story just the same. I call it "Girls Night Out," although it will appear with a different title when the book is published.

Girls Night Out
Bryan chose a stool at the bar across from where most of the action was taking place. He didn’t want to be crowded or pushed by some jerk trying to get in a drink order before happy hour was over.
He sat down and placed his keys, cigarettes, lighter, and billfold in front of him. He pulled the stool in, rested his hands on the raised bar edge, and waited.

The bartender tossed a napkin down by the billfold. “What’s your pleasure tonight?”

Bryan straightened the napkin and moved it closer to him. “Jack Daniels. Neat.”

The bartender nodded and emptied a precise shot into a short glass. As the barkeep reached over to serve the drink, Bryan extended his hand with a crisp ten. The exchange was made, and Bryan took a sip before placing the glass down in the center of the napkin.

He lit a cigarette and sat back to survey the crowd. He made a clean sweep with his eyes, taking in every face. It didn’t take but one pass tonight. She was easy to spot. Sitting between two friends who were laughing and talking at the same time, she was silent. She looked to be smiling more to herself than about what was being said.

Bryan stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray. He lifted his glass and downed the shot, placing the glass back in its precise center spot on the napkin. He watched her, his glance unwavering until her eyes finally met his. He smiled and raised his glass. He signaled to the bartender to bring another for him and one for her. She smiled back.

Bryan watched as the drinks were poured and delivered. He wanted to review his plan for the rest of the evening before he made his next move. He’d ask her dance, then invite her to sit on his side of the bar where it was quiet enough to talk. They’d have another round and leave when he suggested they get something to eat. All the bars and restaurants on the strip would be crowded and noisy, so they’d go back to his place where he’d prepare dinner.

Afterwards, they’d retreat to the couch, listen to music, and he’d tell her his story. She’d be transfixed, attuned to his every word, every motion. She’d agree to being restrained with soft scarves tied to the sofa frame. She would enjoy his caresses. The Ex he slipped into her drink would see to that. She’d be so ready for him, all wet and responsive to his every touch. When he entered her, she’d shriek with delight.

Once he reached his climax, her fun would begin. He’d straddle her and start stroking between her legs until her hips raised, ready for him to enter her again, but he’d make her wait. First, he’d just tease her with the tip. Then, as she tried to adjust her bottom to push him inside her, he’d back off just enough to keep their sensitive parts touching, but not engaged.

His hands would travel up her body, over her breasts, to her neck. He’d kiss her softly for a moment. Then he’d apply light pressure with his thumbs to the center of her throat. She’d try to move so she could breathe freely again, but he’d hold her head in place with his hands and cover her body with his body. He’d press harder and harder, and she’d finally realize that he was not going to stop. Her eyes would widen and she’d try to scream, but he’d thrust his mouth over hers. 
Just before it was over, her eyes would meet his and he’d see she understood. She’d stop the frantic resistance and succumb to the inevitability of what was going to take place. It would be a confirmation that he could do as he liked to her, that she no longer had free will. As she acquiesced to her final gasps, he’d plunge deep into her, releasing his seed as the final memory of her miserable existence.

Bryan pushed back his stool, put his billfold in his pants pocket, and made his way over to her, ready to get the evening started.