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Satisfying the Billionaire Series Launch & Sneak Peek

Finally! The first two books of Layla's new series SATISFYING THE BILLIONAIRE are here!

Since the books were released a little later than planned, she's going to try to get back in your good graces by giving you a sneak peek from each book. Keep reading to enjoy!

Satisfying the Billionaire 1

Kelsey stopped briefly to check herself in the hallway mirror. Her nurse’s cap was positioned at the correct angle and secured carefully with hairpins in her thick brunette waves. Her hair framed her face neatly.

Her eyes traveled down to check her white uniform. Kelsey ran her hands lightly over her hips to smooth away the imperceptible wrinkles. She noticed a slight panty line visible as she checked her rear, so she quickly removed her thong and stuffed it under the pile of hand towels on the bottom shelf of the cart. She pulled the front zipper down a fraction of an inch to reveal more cleavage and turned to examine herself again.

Finally satisfied with her reflection, she pushed the cart toward the double door entry of the master suite of billionaire Donovan James. She knocked lightly and entered without waiting for a response.

Donovan sat at his writing table in front of a window with his back to her. He didn’t turn around when she entered, but briefly put up his left hand, gesturing to her to come in.

Kelsey pushed the cart toward the table and placed it about six inches away from where Donovan sat. She placed her hands on his shoulders and massaged lightly. From over his shoulder, she could see about a dozen windows open on the computer screen.

“No wonder your muscles are tense,” she said.

The silk of his bathrobe felt smooth and cool on her fingertips. After running her hands lightly along his shoulders and neck, she began kneading the tender muscles to relax his tension.

Donovan groaned a few times when she worked on the knots, but otherwise kept his focus on his screen.

Kelsey slipped her hands under the collar of his robe and rubbed his skin. He flinched once, probably from the coolness of her hands on his warm skin, but still didn’t break his focus on the screen.

“Mr. James,” she whispered, bending over to speak directly into his ear. “It’s time for your morning treatment.”

He nodded. “I’m almost ready.”

Kelsey’s ran her hands down his chest and back to his shoulders, letting the robe slip down his arms.

“Should I begin my preparation while you finish what you’re doing?”

Donovan turned to her. His lips curled upward in a small smile as his eyes traveled up and down her body.

“Yes,” he said.

Kelsey turned to the cart, picked up a tube, and squirted a generous dollop of ointment on the index finger of her right hand. She reached between her legs and spread her lips open with her left hand, and applied the ointment along her slit. The gel softened upon contact with her warmth, and she felt a delightful tingle as she worked it down into her folds.

Kelsey moisturized herself from end to end, making sure her rear opening was well lubricated at the entrance. She wiped her hands with a sanitizing wipe when she was done.

When she turned back to Donovan, he was watching her. His silk robe was untied, and an erection poked through the opening in his matching silk boxer shorts.

Kelsey smiled and kneeled between his knees. “I see you’re ready to begin.”

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Satisfying the Billionaire 2

Stretched out on a chaise lounge on the pool deck, Kelsey James absently wiggled her toes and admired the shiny siren red of her freshly painted toenails. She was pleased with the new color she’d chosen, a departure from her usual preference for pastels.

She got excited when she heard the lawn mower’s buzz in the distance. The yard workers had arrived and were starting work in the front of the estate, as usual. She guessed she had at least thirty minutes or more before they’d reach the back lawn and she could put her plan into action.

She covered her eyes and peered in the windows of the master suite that opened to the pool deck. Every room that faced the pool and backyard sported floor-to-ceiling glass panels specially treated with a UV coating that allowed one to look out, but prevented harmful rays from coming in and had an additional benefit of also blocking out the view of anyone outside. Even without being able to see inside, she knew that as usual, Donovan would be at his writing desk, head down, absorbed in something on his laptop.

Kelsey picked up her cell phone and texted him. The troops have arrived. Be at the lookout spot before 1400 hours.

Her phone dinged with his reply. She got a thumbs-up icon on her screen.

Kelsey smiled at their antics, but she suddenly felt nervous. She hadn’t really thought this through very well. Sure, it sounded like fun at first. Who wouldn’t want to seduce a hot guy? Even better—not only did she have her husband’s blessing, he was watching the deed and counting on her to do a good enough job to get him off, too.

But so many things could go wrong. What if a different lawn guy showed up in the backyard? What if he wasn’t as into her as Donovan seemed to think? What if…

Her cell dinged with an incoming message.

Don’t overthink this. You’ll do great. Just be yourself.

Kelsey nodded, knowing he could see her. She leaned back into the chaise and closed her eyes to clear her head. After three slow, deep breaths, a mantra popped into her head. She whispered it. “I am a sexy woman, and hot men are drawn to me.”

Liking the way it sounded and the effect it had on her consciousness as well as her private parts, Kelsey said it aloud ten times, imagining the blonde handsome lawn worker laboring over her instead of the garden.

When she was done, she opened her eyes and walked over to the pool steps, untying and draping her bathing suit top on the rail, where it would be noticed. As she waded into the temperature-controlled waters, she could see her reflection in the windows of the house. She knotted her long hair in a temporary bun. It would hold up long enough for her to dip in and get wet with soaking her locks in the chlorinated water.

She lowered herself in the water and sprang up. Even though the air was warm, the heated water was warmer, and her nipples popped out like corks. Delighted with the sensation, she cupped her breasts and held them out, as if she was offering them to a lover.

Kelsey turned to the window to admire them in the window’s reflection and caught sight of the young man standing at the edge of the deck. He held trimming shears in one hand. In her surprise, she instinctively covered her nipples with her hands.

“Oh!” she gasped. “I didn’t hear the gate open. How long have you been here?”

It was him. The handsome, blonde hunky lawn guy with the upper body to die for. He wiped his brow with his free hand. His eyes were fixed on her breasts, and he didn’t bother to raise them when he spoke.

“Just got here, ma’am. Do you want me to come back later?”

Kelsey tried to collect herself. Her plan to seduce him didn’t include this surprise. She was supposed to be in the spa when he came.

“No. Don’t go. I don’t want to keep you from your work.”

She dropped her hands and gave him an unobstructed view before lowering herself into the pool until only the round tops of her exquisite tits rested above the water.

He picked up the shears and began to trim the hedges at the edge of the pool deck.

She noticed he glanced up at her frequently. She needed to rethink her plan. She didn’t mind improvising, but she worried that if she began too soon, Donovan would miss something. After all, she thought she had about thirty minutes when she texted him. But he had full view of the pool area from where he sat, so he probably knew what was going on. Didn’t matter. She’d make sure he got to see plenty.

Kelsey inched over to the steps and closer to Lawn Guy. She backed up on the steps and rested her bottom on the second step down, resting her elbows on the first step. Her breasts were out of the water, and her nipples were standing up at attention. She untwisted her hair and her long locks fell around her shoulders. She flicked back the ends so that her mane fell down her back, and her breasts remained in full view.

She watched his well-developed biceps flex as he sheared and wondered what it would feel like to have his strong arms wrap around her as he pulled her into his broad chest. He was wearing gloves, but she imagined his rough worker’s hands cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

As she envisioned those hands traveling down over her abdomen and into the folds between her legs, she felt the sweet pain of arousal shoot from her belly to her sex and knew it was time for the games to begin.

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Club Secrets USA Series Launch and Preview

I'm super excited! Layla has just released all three books in the Club Secrets USA series: CLUB SECRETS, CLUB MIAMI, and CLUB MANHATTAN.

Buy or Borrow on Amazon
Buy or Borrow on Amazon
Buy or Borrow on Amazon

These books feature hunky David Hauser, son of Mark and Jen from the My Secrets series. David gets an unusual initiation into the lifestyle with some surprising consequences.

The books are as hot as the South Florida and New York settings. (Sizzle, sizzle!)

Books 1 and 2 end on a bit of cliffhanger, similar to the chapter excerpt below, which is why I'm releasing them all at once—so no throwing tomatoes, it's all wrapped up in Book 3!

I love my readers and appreciate your loyalty and feedback. Keep reading for the first chapter in Club Secrets (book 1). Let me know in the comments below what you think!

Chapter 1 from Club Secrets (Club Secrets USA book 1)

David Hauser got a pleasant surprise when he booted up the computer in his bedroom. He was about thirty minutes into his short stay at home between graduating college and starting med school, and already he was restless. He could have unpacked his laptop or gone online via his phone, but the clunky old machine was within arm's reach, so he took a chance.

When the screen went live, it opened with a window full of images of hot, naked women in suggestive poses. As David clicked on the photos, profiles opened up on a website. Hot damn, this baby's still hooked up to the Internet, and someone has connected to a porn site!
Had his father been using this computer on the sly? Not likely. He'd use the one in his home office, which was much more private. Besides, his mom was sure to see it here, since she was the one who still used this computer occasionally.

Although she had gotten a new laptop a couple of years ago, David knew she came into his bedroom to check email occasionally. More than once, she had invaded his privacy at the most inopportune times during his home visits.

He wasn't sure who had bookmarked the page and left the window open on his computer, but he was grateful. This was not just some site to look at naked women. These babes were asking to get fucked. Their profiles spelled out exactly what they wanted, and David felt his cock swell in his jeans as he flicked through the photographs and read the accompanying copy.

He was searching for a link that would tell him where the women were located when something else caught his eye. One of these hotties looked familiar. He enlarged the image on the screen. Wasn't that Andrea Whitney, the single mom who lived down the street? 
David sat back in the desk chair and brought up her profile. The description matched what he knew about his neighbor. Divorced, thirty-four, a graphic designer, two children, living in South Florida. David enlarged the photo again and recognized a small tattoo on her upper arm. Holy crap, it was her!
During one of his visits home, his parents had a neighborhood gathering in their backyard, and he remembered Andrea playing in the pool with her kids. David recalled having to wrap a towel around his waist to cover the erection that sprung into place as he watched her boobs bouncing up and down while she frolicked with the children.
A few years before that, he babysat for her son. To the fifteen-year-old David, Andrea was the epitome of womanly perfection, and he had a wild crush on her. She starred in more than a few of his wet dreams. Once he turned sixteen and had a car, he was able to turn his dreams into reality with high-school girls, but he never entirely got over his hots for Andrea. 
David clicked away on the site, trying to find out how to make contact, but a window popped up that said his session had expired. Finally, he found a page that asked him to log in or become a member, and he wasted no time pulling out his credit card. 
He tried to input his information, but the damned computer was slow as slugs. David got up to get his laptop and close the bedroom door. He sat down on his bed and navigated back to the website, leaving the old desktop computer monitor on so he could look at Andrea's photos while he completed his membership application on the faster computer.

It was hard to concentrate on the task with her naked image right in his face. Andrea was a shapely blonde with huge natural breasts, curvy hips, and long legs. In her profile photo, she was posing nude, sitting upright in the center of a bed draped in red silk. The positioning revealed little detail, but was suggestive as hell.

She sat with her right leg flat on the bed, bent at the knee with her foot facing backward, almost tucked under her butt. Her left leg was crossed over the right, knee bent up. She leaned into the camera, her arms draped loosely over her upright knee, obscuring the view of her chest. Although her nipples remained hidden, the cleavage formed by her arms pressing in and pushing her breasts together was impressive.

David felt a driving urge to see the hidden areas behind her crossed arms and legs. He forced his eyes back to the laptop and quickly completed the registration, which was required to see more photos and get contact information. 
Yeah! Now we're getting somewhere. David eagerly opened Andrea's gallery of nude portraits. In the first set of photos, Andrea posed to show her assets front and back. She was gorgeous from every angle, and the photos omitted nothing. 
As he flipped through the images, he felt his cock straining against his pants, begging to be let out and stroked. By the time he viewed the second group—a discreet set of images that showed her pleasuring herself, focusing more on her facial expression than her lower extremities—he had pulled out his swollen cock and was pumping away, trying to relieve the surge of desire that flooded his genitals. God, he wanted to be where her fingers were.  
The third and final gallery showcased close-up photos of Andrea. David lingered over the detailed shots of her pussy. The delicate layers of her velvety smooth red and pink folds, moist with her juices, were more beautiful than the flowers in any rose garden he had ever seen. If he could have rammed his cock through his computer screen and into her dripping cunt, he'd have done it.

Desperate to sate the fire blasting through his dick, he took his second b est option. He leaned back against the pillows on the bed, closed his eyes, and worked his erection with gusto. He felt the contractions in his balls and heat shooting up his shaft. As a mega-sized flood of cum shot through the air, creating a pool of oozing fluid on the bed, the door opened and his mother stepped in.
Their eyes met briefly, and then both sets of eyes gravitated to the huge, dark wet spot spreading across the light blue blanket.
# # #

Have you read the MY SECRETS books yet? It's not necessary to enjoy the new series, but you might want to since CLUB SECRETS is the sequel to the Secret Lives of Housewives series. Learn more about Layla's books on:


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The Romance Reviews Fall into Love Party

Welcome Romance Readers! In this excerpt from Parallel Lives, Part 1, Leah is in New York and has received a message from Irene, who is babysitting for her granddaughter, Zoey, in Florida. (Irene is Zoey's other grandma.)
Leah disconnected from the Internet so she wouldn’t be tempted to check email or get back online. She was about to power her phone off when it beeped. Leah saw that several more text messages had come in from Irene.

“Oh, good. More pics of my little ray of sunshine. Couldn’t have come at a better time.” Leah grabbed her smoothie and brought it with her to the couch, where she stretched out, feet on the coffee table, to enjoy a few moments with her granddaughter before digging into the day’s writing.

In the first picture, Zoey was still in her onesie from the night before. Irene must have gotten there early before Ali had a chance to dress the baby. There was Zoey, a plump little ball covered in the pink and purple hearts of the one-piece pajamas, sitting up in the crib playing with some stuffed animals. She had a big grin, which showed her two bottom and two top teeth.

Leah read the text beneath the photo. “Seeing her get this happy just to see me walk in the room makes getting here at 6:30 in the morning totally painless. Had to share. Hugs, Irene.”

“Oh, I am so jealous! Look at that face!” Leah kissed Zoey on the nose through the phone. She clicked on the next text. Zoey was now dressed in a two-piece pink, purple, and turquoise tie-dye leggings set, trimmed in lace, with a big purple heart in the center of her chest.

Irene wrote, “All dressed up with somewhere to go. Off to Mommy and Me class—or in this case, Grandma and Me.”

Now Leah was really jealous. She longed to have the baby for a day and take her for fun outings. She caught herself in the pout Jonathan described and quickly straightened out her face, running her hands around her lips and between her eyes to smooth out any lines. She laughed out loud and spoke to the photo on the phone.

“Zoey, you would love me, wrinkles and all, wouldn’t you?”

She made a face, probably causing more deepening of the lines, and shrugged. “Grandmas are supposed to have wrinkles.”

She clicked ahead to the next shots, but they weren’t very good. None of them were close enough to get a good look at that beautiful face, so Leah clicked back to the photo of Zoey in her pajamas.

Leah kissed the baby’s face on the screen again and placed her cell phone flat on her chest as she closed her eyes to imagine what it would be like to walk in early in the morning and find that little bundle of joy waiting for her with outstretched arms.

She’d pick that baby up and give her a big hug and special grandma kiss. Then she’d bring Zoey over to the futon on the other side of the room and spend some morning love time playing peek-a-boo and other silly games that delight nine-month-old babies.

Leah could smell Zoey’s sweet baby smell and feel the softness of her smooth face. She could even hear the soft baby gurgly laugh. It sounded so real!

She opened her eyes, and there was Zoey on her chest, poking her, wanting to play more. Leah’s mouth stretched wide open, but nothing came out.

Where was she?
* * *
Hope you've enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for the visit! 

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Book Launch Special Introductory Pricing

I'm pleased to announce that Parts 1, 2, and 3 of my new series, Parallel Lives, are now live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and All Romance Books. 

To celebrate the launch of the series, each part, or "episode," is only 99 cents for the month of July! Download your copies at

We're taking a summer break (like your favorite TV series), but will resume the story with weekly releases of Parts 4, 5, & 6 beginning September 2. 

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BTW, these are perfect summer reads on your ereader of choice! Enjoy ;-)

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Summer Solstice Special Thanks

Welcome New Subscribers!

I'm so pleased to welcome new people to Layla's List, and I want to thank everyone who participated in the blog hops. I'd like to do something special for all my readers, especially in case you're new or didn't get a chance to participate in the recents giveaways.

A Summer Solstice Special Offer
Today through the Summer Solstice on Saturday, June 21, Book 2 in the SECRET LIVES OF HOUSEWIVES series, My Secrets Revealed, is only 99 cents. Book 1, My Secrets Discovered, is FREE every day.

You can download My Secrets Discovered for free at: All Romance Books (all file types supported), Smashwords (All file types supported), Barnes & NobleKobo, and iTunes.

My Secrets Revealed is on sale for 99 cents at Amazon and All Romance Books (if you need an epub or pdf file).

You can read excerpts for all the MY SECRETS books at All Romance Books.
Thanks again for being a reader. I'm so happy you're here!
xo, Layla

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Book Launch Contest

Yay! Parallel Lives Part 1 is now live on AmazonKobo,  iTunesBarnes & Noble, and All Romance Books!

I'm very excited to introduce this new story in a serial format, similar to your favorite TV shows. There's a total of six parts, which will be released weekly. Part 1 launched today, Part 2 will be released on June 24, and Part 3 goes live on July 1. We'll take a short summer break, and Parts 4-6 will be released weekly starting September 2.

I'd love to get your help with the launch, and I want to make it fun so here's the deal. Share my Facebook post or reTweet my Tweet and be entered to win a signed beach art poster by Joe Gemignani, the cover photographer!

I should be able to track your shares, but it's a good idea to comment below as well to make sure you're entered. The winner will be announced on Sunay, June 22.

Thanks, and good luck!

Winners Announced! Thank you all for participating!

A big, hearty thank you to everyone who visited and participated in recent events! Congratulations to the winners named below.

June is such a busy month, and there is another contest coming up! So if your name isn't posted here, stay tuned by getting on Elyse's Hot List or subscribing to the blog. Details for the next contest are on the way!

The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party
Winner of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX ebook is Amber Hall.

Summer Splash Blog Hop 2014
Winner of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX ebook is Jessica Crawford.
Winner of the signed Beach Art Poster is Bobbi Kinion.

Winners have been notified by email.

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Summer Splash Blog Hop 2014

Welcome to Summer Splash Blog Hop 2014!

Blog hops are a great way for authors to give back to their readers and fans by offering some type of giveaway. Many authors offer signed copies of their books, but you can win anything from gift cards, to free ebooks and print books, to Kindle ereaders.

Each author (I'm one) participating in the blog hop will be offering some type of giveaway on his or her site, and I'm giving away a free ebook copy of My Secrets Revealed.

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In addition to what each author is offering, the Summer Splash Blog Hop is also offering several grand prizes—including a Kindle Fire and lots of Amazon Gift Cards—just for participating in the Hop with tweets, Facebook posts, book purchases, and more. Ready? Get started now at the Summer Splash Blog Hop 2014. (But first don't forget to join Layla's List to enter the drawing for a free ebook copy of My Secrets Revealed.)

Enter to win the Grand Prize HERE.
BLOG HOP BONUS: While you're there be sure to visit the 99c Sale Page. During the 4 days of the hop only, many authors (including me) are offering titles for only 99 cents.

Summer Splash Blog Hop 2014

Welcome to Summer Splash Blog Hop 2014!

Blog hops are a great way for authors to give back to their readers and fans by offering some type of giveaway. Many authors offer signed copies of their books, but you can win anything from gift cards, to free ebooks and print books, to Kindle readers. 
Each author (I'm one) participating in the blog hop will be offering some type of giveaway on his or her site, and I'm giving away a free ebook copy of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX and —because Leah loves the beach—a free signed art poster by photographer/artist Joe Gemignani! 

To enter, all you need to do to join my HOT LIST (top, right of this page)! That's it, and you're in!
In addition to what each author is offering, the Summer Splash Blog Hop is also offering several grand prizes—including a Kindle Paperwhite, $50 Amazon Gift Card, & book giveaways—just for participating in the Hop with tweets, Facebook posts, book purchases, and more. Ready? Get started now at the Summer Splash Blog Hop 2014. (But first don't forget to sign up for my Hot List for a free ebook copy of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX and signed art poster ;-)

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BLOG HOP BONUS:  While you're there be sure to visit the 99c Sale Page. During the 4 days of the hop only, many authors (including me) are offering an ebook for only 99 cents.

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New Series Cover Reveal & Launch Dates

Cover photo ©Joe Gemignani. Cover design by Janet Aiossa.

I'm so excited to reveal the cover for Parallel Lives, my new six-part serial drama to be released in weekly "episodes." In this new series, Leah Gold gets mysteriously transported to a parallel world, which appears to be an alternate version of her life, one with some radically different circumstances—like still being married to the man she divorced fifteen years earlier.

And that's just the beginning of the nightmarish journey. Everything Leah encounters increases her desire to return to her own world—until she comes face to face with evidence that the one decision she's regretted for thirty years is reversed in this alternate lifetime. Now, she's torn between two parallel lives with seemingly no way to merge them.

Part 1 of Parallel Lives will be released June 17. Parts 2 and 3 will follow on June 24 and July 1. Then we'll take a summer break (like your favorite TV series) and resume the story with weekly releases of Parts 4, 5, & 6 beginning September 2.

I will be sending subscribers advance notice of releases, previews, and some surprise bonuses, so please subscribe to Elyse's Hot List to be sure you don't miss a thing.

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The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party

Welcome, romance readers! Here's an excerpt from The Prince Charming Hoax to help you answer the quiz question:

The phone was ringing when Leah turned off the shower. She ran to pick it up, her wet feet slipping on the tile and her hair leaving a trail of water droplets as she raced through her bedroom. She grabbed the receiver. “Hello.”

“Leah, where have you been? Why aren’t you answering any of my messages?”

“Doug?” Damn, she should have checked the call screen.

“Yes. Remember me?”

“Look, I’m dripping wet from the shower, Doug. This isn’t a good time.”

“I’ll be in meetings the rest of the day. I have to talk to you, now. Get a towel. I’ll wait.”

Leah walked back to the bathroom and wrapped herself in her terry robe and pulled her hair back in a clip. “What is it?”

“Leah, have you listened to your voice mail or checked your email since yesterday?”


“What’s going on?”

“I’ve been busy with Ali.”

“You can tell me about that later. I have some important things to go over with you.”

Leah hated when he took on his corporate “I’m Mr. Important” voice with her, but he didn’t give her a chance to interrupt.

“I'm flying out tonight, and I’ll be away for three weeks,” he continued. “Things are very unstable with the Euro right now, and I have to secure our investments. I won’t be here when you and Ali arrive, but I want you to know that I’ve arranged to have the corporate apartment ready for you. You can stay there indefinitely until I’m able to leave Amanda and get a real place for us.”

“Ali and I aren’t coming to New York, Doug.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m not coming to New York to be some high-price courtesan you keep until you’re ready to leave your wife. I never intended to be the other woman, Doug. You are always on the verge of leaving your wife, but you never do. The deal was that when I came to New York, we were going to be together—out in the open. Not hiding like two criminals.”

“It’s not like that, and you know it. I’d leave Amanda in a second if it weren’t for the kids. I can’t leave right now, but I will. I promise I will, as soon as I can. The important thing is for us to be together, Leah.”

He paused and his tone softened. “I love you so much. And I need you now more than ever. Please, Leah. Be patient a little while longer.”

Leah sat on the bed and closed her eyes. She felt herself wavering. She could see his face, his expression when he looked at her lovingly.

She opened her eyes. “No. If you love me, show me some respect. Acknowledge me to the world. Tell everyone I’m your woman.”

“I will, Leah, I promise. It won’t be long now, I swear. But, there are some things I have to take care of first.”

“You know what? I have some things I have to take care of, too, Doug. Like me and Ali. And she deserves a mother who doesn’t hide in dark corners and corporate apartments.”

“What are you going to do, Leah? You were all set to come.”

“Yes, well, now I’m all set to stay. Roxie has found me a very nice place on the beach. Ali and I will be just fine.”

“Leah, meet me in Paris, and we’ll talk this over. I can get you on a flight tomorrow.”

“No way. Ali graduates next week. I’m not going to Paris. Look, Doug. You go to Paris. Save the world economy. I don’t give a damn any more. I don’t want to hear it, any of it. You were very convincing the other night. You’re right. Your children need you.”

“Leah, please think about it a little more. I need you in my life. Maybe after Ali leaves for college, we’ll go away together. We can go to Napa Valley and stay in one of those wonderful bed and breakfasts. You can go to the spa—”

“I’m not taking another trip with you under an assumed name. I’m not taking separate flights and lying to protect you any more. Don’t you get it, Doug? It’s over.”

“Leah, they’ve buzzed me three times for my meeting. I’ll call you—”

“Don’t. Go to your important meeting, Doug. Go to Paris. Just go. Good-bye.” She clicked off the phone and tossed it on the bed.

* * *

Hope you've enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for the visit!

Sizzling Summer Reads

Welcome! Here is the blog post to read to answer to the question posed at The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party:

(From My Secrets Revealed)

Personal transformation can take place in an instant, but sometimes it takes a few days to get accustomed to the change. I stared at my pseudo reflection in the sliding glass door that led from my kitchen to the backyard patio. Not quite the same as looking in a mirror, but the image was clear enough to catch me by surprise.

I smiled and ran my hand over my super-short, almost boyish haircut. The sunlight caught the blond highlights, another surprise. My eyes traveled down the length of my reflection revealing a temptress clad in a tight red corset edged with black lace that clenched my waist tightly, accentuating the fullness of my breasts and hips. Below the bottom of the corset, a matching garter belt stretched snugly across my hips with long elastic straps extending to the top of my thighs where they attached to black lace stockings. A tiny black sheer thong and black patent leather high heel pumps completed the outfit.

Twenty-four hours ago, I had shoulder-length mousy brown hair and wore stretch knit elastic waist pants with a matching top. What a difference a day makes!

“This is who you really are, Jen Hauser,” I said, pointing my finger at the reflection.

I turned my attention to making breakfast for my lover. I looked down the length of the six-foot granite countertop island, which extended to an eat-in counter at the far end. The counter was bare and sleek except for the two place settings stylishly arranged at the eating area. I smiled with satisfaction at how the plates were centered precisely in the middle of the placemats, topped with matching cloth napkins sculpted into perfect fans. A tall glass of iced tea and a large coffee mug waiting to be filled sat next to each place setting. A platter of sliced fruit and a basket with fresh-baked bread wrapped in a napkin to keep it warm were placed within easy reach.

I heard my husband’s footsteps coming down the steps from our upstairs bedroom and quickly turned to the stove to start the eggs.

“Perfect timing, Mark. As usual,” I called out.

Just as I was about the crack the egg in the pan, I felt his strong arms surround my waist and his lips on my neck. “What are you making, Crêpes Suzette?” he whispered as he nuzzled behind my ear.

I felt chills travel down my neck as he brushed his lips along the path from my ear to my shoulder. As his hands moved up to squeeze my breasts, my nipples sprang over the top of the low-cut décolletage of the corset. I closed my eyes and leaned back into him, feeling the poke of his hard cock against my exposed cheeks. My thong slipped aside as his bulge pressed deeper between my legs.

“No, my love,” I whispered between gasps. “Crêpes Suzette are for dessert, and you haven’t even begun the appetizer.”

Mark spun me around. His short robe was untied, and he wore nothing underneath. With one swift move, he took the egg from my hand and put it down as he leaned over to turn off the stove burner. He then turned his attention to my outfit, and a smile stretched wide across his face. He ran his fingers along my breasts, which had escaped from the corset entirely and were now resting on top of the bustier. My dark pink nipples contrasted against the milky white mounds that heaved up and down with my breathing.

“I’d rather have Crêpes Jen-ette, anyway.”

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day! As a tribute to motherhood, I've shared one of my favorite scenes between
Leah Gold and her daughter, Ali,below.

And, to celebrate, THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX is on 99c through the Big Day on Sunday, May 11. If you buy the print book on Amazon, you get the ebook for free! (Links to ebook retailers below the excerpt.)

One of my favorite scenes in THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX comes early in the story, in chapter 4. I think it really captures the good mother-daughter relationship, which is a foundation of the book. Ali, has just come from shopping for her prom dress. Let's join them.

Ali, Dana, and Tori spilled out of Dana’s Civic. Leah watched as the girls hugged each other good-bye while Ali retrieved her packages from the trunk. Laughing and all talking at the same time, they were the perfect image of what life should be like at their age with prom and high-school graduation approaching. Ali waved good-bye to her friends and walked toward the house.

“Hi Mommy!” Ali dropped her packages at the door and ran to give Leah a hug and kiss. “I’m so glad you’re home. Wait ‘til you see what I got!”

“My little ray of sunshine, I’m glad you’re home, too.” Leah squeezed Ali. “Did you get a dress today?”


“Great! Go upstairs and try on the whole outfit so I can see. That is, if you can find a space to stand. Every inch of your room is covered with something.”

“Sorry. I’ll clean it up before I go to work,” Ali gave Leah a peck on the cheek and quickly headed upstairs, arms full of shopping bags.

Leah tore the top sheet off the pad, ripped it up, and threw it in the trash. She was not going to spoil Ali’s joy today. She began to do the dishes as she waited for Ali to come out and show off her finery.

After a few minutes, Ali put on music. “Are you ready, Mommy? I’m coming down.”

Leah ran into the living room and looked up to the top of the spiral stairway. She knew Ali loved to make a dramatic entrance, but she was totally unprepared for what she saw. Her daughter stood on the top step, enveloped by the sun streaming in from the two skylights above the staircase, as if in a spotlight.

Ali had chosen a classic-style gown in white crepe knit with one shoulder strap, a diagonal neckline and slit up the side. Ethereal as Aphrodite, she glided down the steps and rotated at the foot of the stairs, so Leah could see her back. The dress draped down gracefully to her waistline, exposing her back. Ali wasn’t wearing anything under the dress and didn’t need to. She filled every curve of the design perfectly.

Ali had tried to contain her massive golden mane in rhinestone clips, but some of the long heavy curls escaped, framing her face and falling down her shoulders and back.

“Don’t you like it, Mommy? You’re not saying anything.” She searched Leah’s face for an answer.

“Mom, you’re crying,” Ali said, and she rushed over to hug Leah.

“You are so beautiful in every way, Ali. Your hair, your smile, your inner shine. I love you so much.” Leah laughed through her tears. “Don’t squeeze against me, or I’ll get your dress all wet. You better go change out of your dress, now. Thanks, though, for the preview. It was exactly what I needed today.” 

Ali’s phone rang and she hiked up the dress as she raced upstairs to answer. Leah smiled. So much for grace and beauty, she thought.

Leah’s humor turned into concern when she heard Ali screaming. She ran upstairs to find her daughter sitting on the bed, tears streaming down her face.

“Ali, what’s wrong?”

“Mom, Justin’s been suspended, and they won’t let him go to the prom.”

“Suspended from school? For what?”

“He told off his coach or something. I don’t know. You know how Justin is. He had a temper tantrum.”

“It must have been pretty bad if got suspended, Ali. Coaches and players fight all the time.”

“I don’t know, Mom. You’re not helping. All I know is the principal said he couldn’t go to the prom. So now I don’t have a date.”

“Oh no. Sweetie, maybe he could apologize to the coach and the principal. There must be something he can do.” Leah sat next to Ali and stroked her hair.

Ali rested her head on Leah’s shoulder, wiping her eyes and nose with a tissue.

“Come on, Ali, get out of your dress before it wrinkles beyond repair.”

Ali sat up and crossed her arms. “What’s the difference? I won’t be able to wear it anyway.”

Leah felt her defensive maternal instinct flaring. If Justin were there, she would have strangled the little twerp.

The phone rang. Ali picked it up. “Hello. Yeah, I’m all right. OK, call me later.”

“Was that Justin?”

“Yeah. He’s on his way to school now with his parents to talk to the principal. They’re going to beg him to let Justin take me to the prom.”

Leah nodded. She knew Justin’s parents loved Ali and probably wanted to strangle him, too.

“You see? Now take off your dress and let me hang it up. It’s going to be all right, Ali. I know it.”

“Mommy, why do guys do stuff like that?” Ali asked as she slipped off her dress.

“Like what?”

“You know. Act tough, mouth off, stuff like that.”

“Guys are turkeys, Ali.”

Leah regretted her statement immediately. “Look, Justin’s a good kid. You know that. He’s just very immature.”

“Does it get better when guys get older?”

Leah was grateful that her phone rang at that moment. “Be right back, sweetie. Let me get that.”

“I know, it could be Doug,” Ali teased.

Leah checked the call screen on her bedroom phone. It was Jonathan Lazarro. “Hi Jonathan.”

“Leee-ah! Haven’t spoken to you in a while. How’s it going? Still moving to New York?”

The last thing Leah wanted to do right now was talk about moving to New York. And Jonathan would gloat if he knew the truth. He had warned her about getting involved with Doug from the very beginning. She had brushed off his admonitions, thinking he wanted a chance with her himself.

“Can’t talk now. I’m in the middle of a crisis with Ali.”

“What’s wrong? Did she break a nail or something?”

“Don’t be an ass. You know she’s not like that. As a matter of fact, her problem is her boyfriend. It doesn’t matter how old guys are, they find ways to fuck women over.”

“Sounds like someone other than Ali is having boyfriend problems. Is something wrong between you and Mr. Wonderful?”

“I gotta go.”

“Wait, Leah. I’m sorry. Really sorry. I called to invite you to a gallery opening this Saturday. You know I was kidding about Ali and the nail thing. Please come with me. It’s free drinks and food and great art. Please.”

Leah sighed. “You know they serve crappy wine at those things. Headache wine.”

“Come on, Leah. If you want, drop by my studio first and I’ll serve you good wine before we go. Please. I haven’t seen you in a while, and who knows when I’ll see you after you move.”

Leah heard Ali’s phone ring across the hall and hoped it was good news.

“All right, Jonathan I really have to go now, though. Call me on Friday and give me all the details.”

“Will do.”

Leah waited until she heard Ali hang up. “Was that Justin?”


“You don’t sound happy.” Leah peeked her head in Ali’s room. “What happened with the principal?”

“Justin said he and his parents pleaded with Mr. Aronson, but the answer was no. They even brought my picture and asked why I should be punished too.”

“And what did Mr. Aronson say?”

“He said Justin should have thought about me before he got in the coach’s face and screamed profanities. He said it wasn’t the principal or coach’s responsibility to consider me.”

“Ali, I’m so sorry. Are you going to be all right?”

Ali looked worn out, but turned it off with a shake of her head. “Of course I will. I’m your daughter. You don’t let them see you cry and neither do I. I’m going to the prom by myself, and I will be voted Queen! Who needs a King, anyway?”

Leah was startled with her daughter’s comeback. Did Ali really think she’d learned that attitude from her?

Leah brightened. “Ali, I am so proud of you. And, let me tell you something. In that dress and with that attitude, you’ll be more than Queen of the Prom. You’ll be Empress of the World and Ruler of the Universe!”

Leah’s phone, still in her hand, rang. It was Doug’s name on the call screen this time. Leah decided to let voice mail pick up.

“Who is it, Mommy?”

“No one important.” Leah walked back into her bedroom and replaced the phone on the charger cradle next to a framed photo of her and Doug taken in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

“My family is just as important as yours, you bastard,” she muttered. “And for once, I’m going to put our needs first.”

* * *
Now through Mother's Day, THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX ebook is only 99 cents at the following retailers: