Monday, January 5, 2015

Double Your Pleasure

Happy 2015!

Let's start the New Year with a Bang (hehe)!

This week only, Satisfying the Billionaire 1 is FREE (reg. $2.99), and Club Secrets USA Collection is only 99 cents ($6.97 value, will be $3.99 as of 1/10).

Both these books are new releases. Satisfying the Billionaire 1 is the first in a new series, and Club Secrets USA Collection contains all three titles in the Club series.

I hope you take advantage and enjoy this special offer. Consider it a sign of what's to come in the new year from me!

xo, Layla

Billionaire Donovan James has reached the pinnacle of success in business and love. Although he adores both his work and his young wife, he’s driven by the need for more, always wanting more.

Finding ways to satisfy his seemingly insatiable desires is a big challenge for Kelsey James, who married to the middle-aged Donovan practically right out of high school. To her, everything is new and exciting. Yet she must look at life through his jaded eyes if she wants to keep their relationship as edgy as he likes.

So far, her youthful playfulness has amused and entertained him, but how long will her games keep him satisfied? Just when Kelsey thinks she dreamed up the perfect solution to spice up their sex life, Donovan makes a suggestion that stuns, but exhilarates, her.

This Collection includes all three books in the CLUB SECRETS USA series!

Recent college grad David Hauser gets some interesting lessons from unexpected mentors, and discovers that living out his childhood fantasies with the MILF down the street can have surprising consequences.

Like many handsome young bucks, David Hauser acts with his heart (and, well, you-know-what) first. Will anyone--including Andrea, his MILF turned girlfriend--be able to convince him to use his head as well? It may take David a few visits to Club Miami to work it all out.

While in the Big Apple, David enrolls in BDSM training at Club Manhattan so he can fine-tune his lovemaking skills for Andrea. The school pairs him with raven-haired, blue-eyed Jessica Richmond, a first-year law student taking submissive training. David discovers Jessica has a past as dark as her hair and a spirit as bright as her eyes. David begins to question which woman in his life will prevail.

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