Saturday, February 21, 2015

Complete Satisfaction

Now you can have it all—and at a great price! SATISFYING THE BILLIONAIRE COLLECTION, which contains all four books of the series, has been released. And, for a limited time, the Collection can be yours for only 99 cents!

You are among the first to know about the new release and special pricing. My readers are very dear to me, and I'm keeping my promise to keep you up to date on all my new titles and special offers.

Just my way of doing my part...remember: Stay warm, read hot books!

xo, Layla

A billionaire is driven by the need for more. Her one job is to satisfy him.

Barely out of high school, young Kelsey has a demanding job—keeping her middle-aged, billionaire husband Donovan James sexually satisfied.

Continually being prompted to raise the stakes in the bedroom, Kelsey dresses up for role-play games as his nurse, maid, cook, and naughty schoolgirl. But the insatiable Donovan pushes for more and sends her to act out her sexual fantasies with the help while he watches from a hidden location.

The pressure remains on Kelsey to run the show even when Donovan can’t be present. She must figure out how to record her sexual escapades as well as continually find new partners to seduce in front of the hidden cameras.

Sometimes even the best plans go awry, and the results can be devastating—or divine. Kelsey finds the future of her marriage hangs in the balance.

​* * *

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Satisfaction at Last

I'm pleased to share with you that the Satisfying the Billionaire series is now complete with the release of books 3 and 4!

I have one more book to complete before I begin the next series, which—well, I don't want to ruin the surprise, but if you've liked my previous books and the characters, you will be getting a chance to see some of them again.

If you're somewhere cold, these new books could help warm you up, and if you're in more tropical climes, turn up the air conditioning, because I promise you'll be fanning yourself in no time!​

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Purchase at Amazon

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