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Our newest books—THE BILLIONAIRE BIKER'S BITCH 1 by Layla Wilcox and DUDE, The Reynolds Brothers Book 1: Cal—are ONLY available in this box set, and you get all 22 stories for just 99c! (See the new covers here.)

22 All-New Stories from:
Jo Raven | Lacey Silks | Blair Babylon
Olivia Rigal | Daisy Prescott | Sky Corgan
Daizie Draper | Sarah M. Cradit | SJ Mayer
Molly McLain | Olivia Hardin | Mira Bailee
J.C. Valentine | Pavarti K. Tyler | Liv Morris
Jacqueline Sweet | JC Andrijeski | Alison Foster
Gillian Cherry | Layla Wilcox
Irma Geddon | Dani Dundee!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Come to the RED HOT CANDY Pre-Release Party. Enter to Win Prizes!

Ready to sweeten up your summer with something RED HOT
RED HOT CANDY, a collection of 22 all-new sweet to spicy romances,
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Over 2000 pages! 22 Books!

Stock up for your summer reading with one great box set! Twenty-two NYT, USA Today, and best-selling authors have banded together to bring you 22 all-new, delicious romance books about love, passion, and the best things in life!

These books are all brand new and are only available in this box set!

These bite-sized pieces of fun are just the thing for quick reads for sunning at the beach, lazing beside the pool, or lounging around on vacation. Some are sweet, some are succulent, and some are Red Hot! 

Twenty-two new book boyfriends are here to woo you in this big box of books. Sit back, send the kids outside to play, and indulge in this sinfully delicious sampler of the best authors writing today. Dive into these decadent stories about naughty billionaires, broken stuntmen, cowboys, bear shifters, magic men, MMA fighters, bearded lumber-sexuals, bad boys, and shy guys who just need to be coaxed out their shells. 

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The Things I Never Said by Jo Raven ~ It’s Micah and Evangeline’s first Summer together– so why is Micah acting strange? Evangeline would do anything to see him smile. 

Perfectly Equipped by Lacey Silks ~ First impressions at a nudist resort are everything, but April never expected to meet the perfectly equipped man. 

Kidnapped (A Billionaires in Disguise: Rae Epilogue) by Blair Babylon ~ Not even a billionaire's private security can protect you from your family. 

A FAN-TAB-ULOUS NIGHT by Olivia Rigal ~ Ryan doesn't want to commit and Tab wants to play. They're a perfect match.

Before Flesh by Sky Corgan ~ Every bad boy has an origin story. 

Take It Easy by Daisy Prescott ~ When Diane and Hailey join John and Tom in the San Juans, it is not a typical camping trip for the former wingmen. 

Pandora's Box by Sarah M. Cradit ~ A peculiar heart meets its mate. Fate, though, has other plans. 

Hot Hotel: Scorched Into Submission by Daizie Draper ~ When she's stood up by her online sexter, Divine meets a hot Dom instead. 

Braving Love by S.j Mayer ~ A scarred and broken stuntman looking for redemption . . . can he find it in the arms of a soft-spoken southern girl? 

Always Enough by Molly McLain ~ They went straight from falling in love to raising a kid and working opposite shifts. Time for a lovers' getaway! 

Mine in Dreams (A Bend-Bite-Shift Prequel) by Olivia Hardin ~ Daeglan belongs to the faery realm and Meggie to the human one, a forbidden romance. 

Like Home by Mira Bailee ~ A reunion isn’t complete without scandal. Betrayal, old love, new revelations… and the paparazzi. 

Unshakable by J.C. Valentine ~ While Jami and Ally are preparing to bring a new life into the world, Don is forced to fight for his life. 

Yearning to Yield by Pavarti K. Tyler ~ High school reunions are lame, unless your teenage crush has the same fetish as you. A Sugar House Story. 

Mated in Bearfield by Jacqueline Sweet ~ Wedding day in Bearfield means naked in-laws, cubs eating your dessert, and a mating frenzy. 

Le Moulin by JC Andrijeski ~ Spy. Assassin. Seer. Terian is all of those, but when he finds his first love a slave in war-torn Paris, he vows to save her. 

Jesse's Girl by Alison Foster ~ Jesse and Emma were the best of friends until the day she asked him to take her innocence, and he said no. 

Dude by Gillian Cherry ~ What happens when a curvy city girl heads to a Texas dude ranch for her long-lost mother’s wedding? 

The Billionaire Biker's Bitch by Layla Wilcox ~ Graduate [X] Break up with boyfriend [X] Perfect summer job [X] One crazy night [ ] 

Swaying Fate by Irma Geddon ~ Atropos, the Fate who ends lives, never expected to walk one night into Old Cupid’s bar and fall in love. 

First Class Scoundrel by Liv Morris ~ A recently jilted bride meets a devilishly handsome scoundrel in this tropical Pride and Prejudice. 

Gender Studies 101 by Dani Dundee ~ In a class of 100-odd women, there’s one guy, Thomas. I’m going to have a little fun.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Double Your Pleasure with Twins

Gillian's so excited to share her brand new 3-part Kindle Unlimited series for your reading pleasure!

STEP BY STEP is a hot, new Curvy Girl-Stepbrother Romance that has as many twists and turns as the curvaceous main character!

To introduce to the series, ONE STEP FORWARD (book 1) is F.R.E.E. today and tomorrow. And TWO STEPS BACK, a brand new release, is only 99c for a limited time.

But act now, because these great deals are not going to be around for long!

Hope you enjoy! —GC

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sexy Beach Reads Sale!

Hello, Lovers!
Get your ereader ready! Summer's here and it's time for those great sexy romances that turn up the heat whether you're at the beach or not. Here are 20 sizzling books from some of your favorite authors—and some new ones you've yet to discover. Get crazy, get them all. It's a super opportunity to load up your Kindle or other ereader with free and 99c books. Don't miss out. Sale lasts from July 16–July 19 only!

Links to all the books below the poster image. Keep scrolling!

MIAMI DREAMS by Layla Wilcox

THE POSSE by Tawdra Kandle


MORE THAN A KISS by Stacy Joy Netzel



COWBOY COMMAND by Olivia Jaymes



TEMPTATION (CLUB X #1) by K.M. Scott



ALOHA TEXAS by Chris Keniston


REBOUND by Sabrina York

COME HOME TO ME by Jessica Scott

PROS AND CONS by Sydney Logan

SUCKED INTO LOVE by Rochelle Paige

SMITTENED by Jamie Farrell

CAN'T SHAKE YOU by Molly McLain

Friday, July 10, 2015

MIAMI DREAMS Launch and Sneak Peek

MIAMI DREAMS, Layla's sexy new contemporary romance, is now available at all major retailers. It's pretty hot, just like Florida summers, and I'm posting chapter one below for your reading pleasure. It's only 99c for a limited time. Enjoy the read!

Chapter One
Slowly wakening from a deep slumber, Deena Montgomery realized she’d been having an erotic dream, and she knew why. Her husband was embracing her from behind, kissing her neck, and rubbing his fingers in the soft folds between her legs. He had already stroked her to juicy excitement, and she dreamily opened her legs to accommodate him.

“Mmm, good morning,” she murmured, and tried to push his fingers inside her.

“Not so fast,” Eric said, pushing her hand away and gently rolling her over on her back. He disappeared under the sheet, and she felt his tongue laving over where his fingers had just been. He explored every surface, tasting her with long, slow sweeps until her hips rose high off the mattress and she dripped with anticipation.

He sucked her protruding nub while pressing two fingers inside her. The bed shook as Deena alternately raised her hips against his lips, then bore down to drive his fingers in deeper. She pressed her thighs together around his hand and clenched her insides around him, trying to increase the friction and bring herself over the top. Finally she felt the contractions begin and the gush of her juices flowing.

Eric placed his mouth over her opening, savoring every drop of her as he ran his tongue in and around each of her folds. When he was done, he looked up at her from between her legs.

“I love having pussy juice for breakfast. But that’s just an appetizer for me.” He pulled himself up onto her and guided his erection between her legs.

“Let me catch up to you before we start the main course,” Deena said. She pushed him on his back, and turned herself around to hover over him. Her knees pressed into the pillow on either side of his head, and she spread her pussy over his mouth.

Deena took his hardness in her hands and stroked his silken skin upward until she saw clear fluid emerging from the tip of his erection. She lowered her face to lick the sweet liquid that oozed out while lowering her bottom onto his waiting tongue, so that they connected to one another in perfect unison.

“Oh, how I love that sweet stuff,” she murmured, and licked across the engorged head of his cock and down along the sides of his swollen shaft. When she felt him twitching with desire, she took him deep into to her mouth, cupping his sac in her hand.

Eric’s fingers probed her insides, pushing her toward explosion once again. She felt his balls contract and knew he was close, too, so she pulled away.

“Let’s not come yet,” she said, as she swung around to sit on his erection. Her wet pussy easily accommodated his rock hard cock, and she slid up and down like she was riding a bucking bronco.

Eric grabbed her butt and brusquely shoved her down on him, raising his hips up each time to plunge in ever deeper. They panted and heaved, crashing down on the mattress over and over, until finally they clung to one another and climaxed with a communal shout.

Deena collapsed, her head on Eric’s chest, and immediately fell back to sleep. When she awoke, she lifted her head to check the clock.

“Oh, shit, Eric. It’s almost nine o’clock. God, I have to pee.” She rolled out of bed and bounded into the bathroom. After relieving herself and washing up, she came out and saw Eric still sprawled out on the bed as she had left him.

“Hey, you, sleepy head! You are way late for rounds this morning,” she called as she ducked into her walk-in closet. She slipped on her yoga clothes. She’d have to take the late morning class at the club, but it was better than skipping yoga altogether. She never felt right on the days she missed class.

“Eric, I don’t hear you moving,” she called as she sat at the vanity table in her closet and brushed her long dark hair back into a ponytail. She stood up to admire her reflection in the walk-in closet’s three-way mirror. She frowned as she pressed her hand against her protruding belly. No matter how much she exercised or dieted, she always had a bulge.

She listened for Eric in the shower, but didn’t hear movement at all. “Eric, are you up?”

Silence met her question. She poked her head out of the closet doorway and saw her husband still in the same position.

“Eric,” she said sharply, but still no movement on the bed. “Eric, you’re frightening me,” she said with a forced laugh, waiting for him to jump up and try to scare her. When he remained still, she inched over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Eric,” she said softly and stroked his face. She retracted her arm like she had touched a burning stove, when in fact his skin felt icy cold. “Eric,” she screamed and shook his arm, but he was stiff and unresponsive.

Deena jumped back in horror. “Oh, my God, I’ve killed him.”

# # #

To continue reading, download MIAMI DREAMS at your favorite retailer: