Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sizzling Summer Reads

Welcome! Here is the blog post to read to answer to the question posed at The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party:

(From My Secrets Revealed)

Personal transformation can take place in an instant, but sometimes it takes a few days to get accustomed to the change. I stared at my pseudo reflection in the sliding glass door that led from my kitchen to the backyard patio. Not quite the same as looking in a mirror, but the image was clear enough to catch me by surprise.

I smiled and ran my hand over my super-short, almost boyish haircut. The sunlight caught the blond highlights, another surprise. My eyes traveled down the length of my reflection revealing a temptress clad in a tight red corset edged with black lace that clenched my waist tightly, accentuating the fullness of my breasts and hips. Below the bottom of the corset, a matching garter belt stretched snugly across my hips with long elastic straps extending to the top of my thighs where they attached to black lace stockings. A tiny black sheer thong and black patent leather high heel pumps completed the outfit.

Twenty-four hours ago, I had shoulder-length mousy brown hair and wore stretch knit elastic waist pants with a matching top. What a difference a day makes!

“This is who you really are, Jen Hauser,” I said, pointing my finger at the reflection.

I turned my attention to making breakfast for my lover. I looked down the length of the six-foot granite countertop island, which extended to an eat-in counter at the far end. The counter was bare and sleek except for the two place settings stylishly arranged at the eating area. I smiled with satisfaction at how the plates were centered precisely in the middle of the placemats, topped with matching cloth napkins sculpted into perfect fans. A tall glass of iced tea and a large coffee mug waiting to be filled sat next to each place setting. A platter of sliced fruit and a basket with fresh-baked bread wrapped in a napkin to keep it warm were placed within easy reach.

I heard my husband’s footsteps coming down the steps from our upstairs bedroom and quickly turned to the stove to start the eggs.

“Perfect timing, Mark. As usual,” I called out.

Just as I was about the crack the egg in the pan, I felt his strong arms surround my waist and his lips on my neck. “What are you making, Crêpes Suzette?” he whispered as he nuzzled behind my ear.

I felt chills travel down my neck as he brushed his lips along the path from my ear to my shoulder. As his hands moved up to squeeze my breasts, my nipples sprang over the top of the low-cut décolletage of the corset. I closed my eyes and leaned back into him, feeling the poke of his hard cock against my exposed cheeks. My thong slipped aside as his bulge pressed deeper between my legs.

“No, my love,” I whispered between gasps. “Crêpes Suzette are for dessert, and you haven’t even begun the appetizer.”

Mark spun me around. His short robe was untied, and he wore nothing underneath. With one swift move, he took the egg from my hand and put it down as he leaned over to turn off the stove burner. He then turned his attention to my outfit, and a smile stretched wide across his face. He ran his fingers along my breasts, which had escaped from the corset entirely and were now resting on top of the bustier. My dark pink nipples contrasted against the milky white mounds that heaved up and down with my breathing.

“I’d rather have Crêpes Jen-ette, anyway.”

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!


  1. My this is a hot blurb-definite read for me.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Suzanne! Thanks for visiting ;-)